Pubdate: 4 Apr, 1999
Source: Scotland On Sunday (UK)
Contact:  Danny Terwey


I urge all citizens to seriously think about David McLetchie's latest
proposal before lending it any support (News, March 28).

Imprisoning drug dealers for life may sound appealing but it will only
worsen social ills related to drug use. Examine the failures of
prohibitions in other democracies.

In response to fears of drug addiction, lawmakers in my country
enacted similar legislation years ago, and we will be paying for it
for decades to come. When fierce penalties are mandated for dealers,
nothing is done to reduce demand. At the same time, prices are driven
up, leading to endemic violence and corruption. The answer to drug
abuse lies not in interdiction efforts, but in education and treatment.

Danny Terwey
Santa Cruz, California
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