Pubdate: Mon, 29 Mar 1999
Source: Illawarra Mercury (Australia)
Copyright: Illawarra Newspapers
Author: Julie Holten


I AM writing in regard to the drug problem in our society today. I
personally think that we are losing the war against heroin and we will
continue to lose it unless we come to some agreement between the
addiction and the crime.

I know it seems drastic to give a heroin user free drugs, maybe not
free but at a subsidised rate; maybe that would at least stem the flow
of crime in the burglary and petty crime department.

I feel we are past the stage of drug education. This is why I feel
strongly about these views. Drug education is good for kids at a young
age before they discover this scourge of society.

Also, it is not only heroin that's a raging problem; as well we have
out there a heap of other sorts of illicit drugs but the worst is the
money these people make from the drugs.

At least if the money is out there, why not let the Government take
its cut too and then redirect it to rehabilitation?

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