Pubdate: Tues, 23 Mar 1999
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Re "Pot Has Uses as Medicine, U.S. Panel Says," March

Now that the study of marijuana commissioned by Barry McCaffrey, our
own federal drug czar, is released, perhaps we can have an adult
dialogue about the medical applications of marijuana for people who
can benefit from its use. Since the report does indeed indicate it has
benefits for certain diseases, we should allow research to move
forward so that it can be applied in the proper cases in the most
effective way; not necessarily smoked. It is just a matter of
realizing the world will not go to hell in a handbasket if some truly
sick people get to use marijuana.

Michael L. Stempel
West Hollywood


I am thrilled that there is finally a valid, scientific study showing that
marijuana is indeed a beneficial substance and that people who can gain the
most from its benefits - those suffering from painful diseases - should
rightfully be allowed to use it. It's a positive step in the direction of
eventual legalization when hopefully the government will stop its
propaganda and persecution campaign against innocent users of a substance
which is less harmful than drinking alcohol and, to the chagrin of
McCaffrey and the old guard, almost as widespread among the American
public. I find it highly ironic that these antimarijuana warriors have
likely never enjoyed a smoke of fine cannabis, nor are they dying of a
condition which could be eased by its use. My guess is that if they were,
their tunes would be quite different. 

Jason Roberts

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