Pubdate: Thu, 18 Mar 1999
Source: Toronto Star (Canada)
Section: Letters
Page: A23
Copyright: 1999, The Toronto Star
Author: Kathy Galbraith


Elaine Carey's excellent March 10 article revealed to Canada the
criminalization of more than 600,000 Canadians for using an herb that
has, in fact, been shown to be more harmless than alcohol or tobacco
and helps many sick people feel better (Pot charges on the rise: Law
professor wants to legalize cannabis).

This is a huge waste of resource and proves that Mike Gray, in his
drug war expose book, Drug Crazy, was right: Without marijuana
offences, there would be no drug war at all.

The "drug" they are battling with might and main is really a medicinal
herb that was not understood and got on somebody's hate list.

Anyone who was ever charged with a marijuana offence should be
immediately pardoned, released and apologized to -- the sooner the

Kathy Galbraith

Raymond, Alta.

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