Pubdate: Thursday, March 18, 1999
Source: Toronto Star (Canada)
Copyright: 1999, The Toronto Star
Page: A23
Author: Frank C. Buckley


The federal initiative to develop a cannabis study, which includes the
possible use of marijuana as medicine, is a responsible and timely
decision. Health Minister Allan Rock said clearly that this has
"nothing to do with legalizing marijuana" as an intoxicant and

This is consistent with the position taken by the Council On Drug
Abuse (CODA) that "the legality of any drug for medicinal use is
completely unrelated to its legal status for non-medicinal use."

Replying to CODA's position last spring, Rock wrote that two drugs,
Marinol and Cesament, which contain derivatives of cannabis, are
available. His unedited reply appears in our June 1998 newsletter.

Rock is also prudent in stating what he has done is ask his "officials
to develop a plan that will include clinical trials." The complexity
of the drug, and the need for any chemical action on the person to be
as specific and carefully controlled as possible, prove the wisdom of
the plan

Frank C. Buckley
Chairman Council on Drug Abuse Toronto
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