Pubdate: 13 Mar 1999
Source: London Free Press (Canada)
Copyright: 1999 The London Free Press a division of Sun Media Corporation.
Author: J.D. Ernst


I am appalled London police would waste their time executing a search
warrant on the Cannabis Compassion Centre and arresting the husband of
its owner last Friday -- the day it was scheduled to close -- when
there are real criminals out there committing far more serious crimes
than selling marijuana to members using it for medicinal purposes.

It sounds to me as though London's police department has too many
officers, not too few as they continue to claim, when they can afford
to waste their time in this fashion.

Considering the federal government recently announced plans for
clinical trials on the medical use of marijuana, and the Cannabis
Compassion Centre was scheduled to close pending the outcome of those
trials, I think the police raid on the centre was particularly stupid.


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