Pubdate: Thur,11 March 1999
Source: Anchorage Daily News (AK)
Copyright: 1999 The Anchorage Daily News


The medical marijuana law just went into effect, and it's already under
attack by the very same people who opposed it in the election last fall. The
state constitution says the Legislature can't change a law passed by
referendum for two years. But Sen. Loren Leman wants to "clarify" the
wording of the law for us now. He thinks we were too stupid to understand
what we were voting on, apparently.

His "clarification" will make it almost impossible for sick people to
qualify for medical marijuana by requiring doctors to state that marijuana
is the only drug that will help the patient. It won't matter that marijuana
might be the best drug, it has to be the only drug.

This would end the medical use of marijuana in Alaska, which is just what
Loren Leman wants. He opposed the initiative last fall and apparently can't
stand losing. Even if it means a lower standard of medical care for you and
me. Loren Leman wants to circumvent the state constitution and overturn an
election at the same time. His actions aren't just arrogant and
condescending, they're also illegal. It's called malfeasance and it's
grounds for impeachment.

Michael Streiffert, Anchorage

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