Pubdate: March 2, 1999
Source: Ottawa Hill Times (Canada)
Author: Matthew M. Elrod


Regarding "Question Period" of Feb. 22, Liberal MP Gary Pillitteri
stated his opposition to the Bloc's motion to decriminalize the
therapeutic use of cannabis saying, "I can't see anyone in my riding
or family supporting it."

According to a 1997 Angus Reid poll, "Among the minority (45 per cent)
of Canadians who feel that smoking marijuana should be a criminal
offense, over seven in 10 (71 per cent of the 45 per cent) agree that
it should be legal to use it for health purposes only -- representing
a total of over eight in 10 (83 per cent) Canadians who believe that
it should not be a criminal offense to smoke marijuana if used for
health purposes only."

Further, "... the subset of Canadians more likely to maintain their
view that smoking marijuana should be a criminal offense even if used
for health purposes only include ... the least educated (36 per cent
among those without a high school education) and the least affluent
(35 per cent among those with annual household incomes of less than

Either Mr. Pillitteri is out of touch with his constituents or he has
a low opinion of them. For more information, Mr. Pillitteri should
look up

Matthew M. Elrod
Victoria, B.C.
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