Pubdate: Monday  01 March 1999
Source: Tampa Tribune (FL)
Copyright: 1999, The Tribune Co.
Author: Arch Young


Jerry Dycus' letter titled ``Drug war has been lost'' (Feb. 18) argues
persuasively in favor of the only logical position to take now
concerning the total failure of another misguided federal program, one
for which there is no constitutional support and for which a precedent
should have provided a warning of its inevitable failure.

I would present a quiz to those good people who cannot bring
themselves to even consider a slackening of our government's noble but
frustrated efforts in this endeavor: ``Can you name a government
program that cost millions of dollars, thousands of lives, made
millionaires of the scum of the earth and which, instead of solving
the problem, only made matters worse?''

The answer is Prohibition and the answer to Prohibition was repeal.
Now change millions to billions, thousands to millions, millionaires
to billionaires and repeat the question. The answer this time is the
``war on drugs.''

The next question is ``Why would anyone jeopardize their family's
lives in support of a program that brings more drugs into the country,
just as Prohibition brought more alcohol?''

A final question: ``Is it possible to learn anything from history?''

North Redington Beach, FL
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