Pubdate: Fri, 26 Feb 1999
Source: Newsday (NY)
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Author: Craig Schroer


Thanks for sharing your sensible position in regard to the
certification charade ["It's Hypocrisy to Certify Nations as
Drug-Warriors," Feb. 17]. But it seems unfair that you criticize
Mexico for narco-corruption while ignoring similar forces at work here
in America.

Here's a pertinent example: Studies on drug-control strategies
consistently show that interdiction and supply-side tactics offer the
least "bang for the buck" in terms of minimizing drug abuse.

So why do our governmental leaders incessantly overemphasize these
same strategies? Because of the political clout of anti-drug
bureaucracies and government agencies that have become dependent on
these failed policies for their livelihood. This is narco-corruption
"American style."

Craig Schroer 
Austin, Texas

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