Pubdate: Mon, 13 December 1999
Source: Examiner, The (Ireland)
Copyright: Examiner Publications Ltd, 1999
Author: Derek Williams


I read Mairead Scannell's justification for her claims of the supposed
harmful effects of cannabis 7 December 1999) with a mixture of sadness and
hilarity when she cited as the source of her information the Readers Digest
magazine. My sources of information tend to be rather dryer - but, I
suspect, more authoritative - such as New Scientist or The Lancet.

She belongs to a campaign group called Positive Action for Children, the
aims of this group being to maintain the prohibition of drugs including
cannabis. This seems a strange name for an organisation dedicated to
supporting the massive industry which supplies illegal drugs.

Firstly, the drug market is a result of supply and demand - All her
prohibition achieves is to drive this market into the hands of organised
crime, a strange way to protect children.

Secondly, if, as she claims, cannabis is such a dangerous substance, then
it should be subjected to controls over strength; purity; who sells it;
where it's sold, and all the other restrictions normally put onto dangerous
things. This, of course is impossible because of prohibition.

Those who support the so called drug war are the reason we have turf wars
between gangs, needles in playgrounds and all the evils surrounding the
illegal drug scene.

Derek Williams, 21, Pembroke Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR 2 3HD.
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