Pubdate: Sun 12 Dec 1999
Source: St. Augustine Record (FL)
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Author: Robert Sharpe


I've been following the debate on student drug testing in St. Johns
County from afar. Something the residents and school board of St.
Johns County should know is that there is only one drug that stays in
the human body long enough to make urinalysis worth the effort. That
drug is marijuana and the reason its metabolites linger in the body is
because they are fat soluble.

The more dangerous drugs such as cocaine, heroin and ``club drugs''
like ecstasy are water soluble and exist the human body within 48 hours.

Drug warriors know this and American youth know this too. Why is this

Because the rise in use of so called ``club drugs'' is in part a
result of drug testing.

A teenager who takes a potentially deadly drug like ecstasy on a
Friday night will test clean on Monday morning.

The same applies to heroin or cocaine. Ironically, the least toxic of
illegal drugs is the only one whose use is discouraged by drug testing.

The parents of St. Johns County need to know this before supporting an
invasive policy which encourages the use of hard drugs.

Robert Sharpe, 
Washington, D.C.
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