Pubdate: Sat, 02 Oct 1999
Source: Denver Post (CO)
Copyright: 1999 The Denver Post
Author: Roger M. Hogan


Re: "Agents crush 3 major drug rings; Officers nab 22 suspects, seize stash
of cash and guns," Sept 23.

Federal cops say they have "significantly impacted the availability of
drugs in the metro Denver area." Let's put this in perspective. If 15

percent of the adult population of metro Denver uses 2 ounces of marijuana
a month, that 85 pounds of pot would have lasted about one hour!

And how much did the drug bust cost the taxpayers? The federal cops "seized
(criminals steal the government seizes) $168,000 in cash, eight vehicles
and 16 weapons that they will sell to help finance this skirmish in the war
against drugs. But there must be a multimillion-doliar price tag for the
investigation, arrest, prosecution

and imprisonment of these drug dealers. Will I sleep a little better
tonight now that these 22 people are in jail? Not really. I doubt that they
were a threat to me. If anything, I might sleep less worrying that the
government and the federal cops will target me next.

Roger M Hogan
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