Pubdate: Wed, 22 Sept 1999
Source: Collegiate Times (VA)
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Author: Chris Brady 


The article "Reforming criminals is the answer" (CT Sept. 8) was a
well researched article. However, I would like to point out something
I recently learned related to this story.

The drug war is also a war on education! I have recently become aware
of the horrible discrepancies included in the recent Higher Education
Act of 1998.

The act addresses distribution of federal financial aid for college
students across the country.

A small clause written into this act states that anyone convicted of a
drug felony is ineligible to receive financial aid. This specific
clause creates startling discrepancies in the population of college
students it effects.

First, this act only targets the lower socioeconomic class because
they are the only students who receive financial aid.

Secondly, the act only covers drug felonies not rape, murder, theft or

These types of criminals would all still get financial aid under this
law. Clearly this effects a small targeted population while violent
criminals continue to enjoy an education at tax payers expense.

College students and indeed all tax payers must speak out against this
discrimination in order for it to change.

Chris Brady 
sociology junior
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