Pubdate: 01 Oct, 1999
Source: Evening News (UK)
Copyright: Eastern Counties Newspapers Group Ltd,1999
Author: Dan Goldman


It takes courage to come out in support of a cannabis rally, especially 
when the local paper has referred to the festival as a gathering of law 

But your paper is right; as the law stands now, those who smoke cannabis 
are breaking the law.

Not those who smoke and rob stores, or smoke and kill people. Merely the 
act of smoking can send a person to jail.

If this does not seem just in our present society then smokers must take 
recourse with their votes. When the next elections come around, vote only 
for those candidates who take a reasonable position on cannabis and drug 
policies as a whole.

We can look around today and realise that current strategies have only 
imprisoned many capable adults while doing nothing to stem the demand for 
drugs, especially cannabis.

New approaches are necessary to get our policies in line with reality.

Dan Goldman
Madison USA 
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