Pubdate: Mon, 20 Sep 1999
Source: Evening News (UK)
Copyright: Eastern Counties Newspapers Group Ltd, 1999
Author:  P. Henshall


I am writing in response to the opinion on page 8 of the Evening News
on September 14.

The author states that "the Smokey Bears Picnic is no family day

I hate to disagree, but I was at least years event, again held in
Chapelfield Gardens.  It was a lovely afternoon which I spent sitting
talking to friends quietly - a perfect end to a weekend before
starting the week.

I show total ignorance on behalf of the public that there is

A group of cannabis smokers, as many jokes confirm, wouldn't harm a

The majority of cannabis smokers are honest, hardworking people, who
are being unfairly treated by our Government's cannabis laws.

The current laws mean that cannabis users can be exposed to harder
drugs due to the illegal market that they are forced into.

The current laws mean that there is no quality control for cannabis
users, meaning that many are smoking adulterated cannabis, which can
be life threatening.  Cannabis itself is no more harmful than alcohol
or tobacco and has never caused a death.

It is time that the general public and the media stopped promoting the
harm caused by cannabis prohibition and supported the most realistic
answer - to fully legalise and regulate cannabis in the UK.

Mr P Henshall
Amis Close
North Walsham
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