Pubdate: Fri, 24 Sept 1999
Source: ABC NEWS 20/20, American Broadcasting Company (US)
Copyright: (c) 1999 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Note: that this is only a portion of a one hour program dedicated to Hugh
         Downs' last night on 20/20.


BARBARA WALTERS: Have there been issues that you would like to have
spoken out on, because you have some very strong opinions,...

HUGH DOWNS: You bet.

BARBARA WALTERS: ....That you have not been able to?  This is your

HUGH DOWNS: It is, isn't it?  As you know from 20/20 a couple of times
back, I have made comments about the insanity of our drug policy in
this country.

BARBARA WALTERS: Are you for the legalization of marijuana?

HUGH DOWNS: The decriminalization of marijuana, yes.  I think that
would be important, particularly the medical use of it.  I think it's
ludicrous that states have voted that a medical use is a proper use of
that, and yet the federal government countermands that and causes
problems for sick people.  But I am in favor of it.

BARBARA WALTERS: And this is something up until now you've not been
able to talk about on television?

HUGH DOWNS: No.  A couple of times I poked at it a little bit in years
past, but the roof fell on me so hard that I decided to back off.
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