Pubdate: Mon, 20 Sept 1999
Source: Burlington Free Press (VT)
Copyright: 1999 Burlington Free Press
Contact:  Bob Melamede
Note: Title by MAP


While the unanswered question concerning George Bush Jr's cocaine use
remains in the news, I hope it will promote some logical thinking by
Americans on the drug war. For example, why do politicians pass laws
that can never be enforced?

Drug laws clearly fit into this category.

Do we really want to arrest and imprison about 70 million present, or
former, Americans who use or have used illegal drugs.

Keep in mind that this figure includes at least one third of Vermont's

The lack of enforceability amounts to a lottery whereby those
unfortunate enough to get caught are supposed to frighten other
potential users into abiding by the law. This policy is reminiscent of
what the Romans did to the early Christians that were sent into the
arena for slaughter.

Is there any evidence that this approach works?

The foolishness of this method surfaces again and again as our
successful politicians, including our President, Vice President, and
Governor reveal themselves to be former illegal drug users.

Their fear of old skeletons often makes them into irrational drug

In a pathetic effort to protect their image, they are willing to
sacrifice our children for doing no more than what they themselves
did. Furthermore, are we so naive as to believe that when their kids
are caught committing these "criminal" acts, they will receive the
same treatment and sentences as a poor or minority kid? The message
that these hypocrites sent to the youth of America is "do what you
want, just don't get caught". Why is it surprising to us that the
younger generation is apathetic about politics and government when
these institutions have made outlaws out of them?

Bob Melamede
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