Pubdate: 27 Aug 1999
Source: Bellingham Herald (WA)
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Author: Kevin Nelson


So, George W. Bush Jr. allegedly snorted cocaine as a young man. Gee,
what a surprise. Well, to avoid the appearance of hypocrisy, it seems
that he has only two options of how to proceed from here.

He can (A): End the arbitrary criminalization of non-violent drug
users whose downfall was to get caught doing exactly what he did for
many years as a member of the protected class (there, but for the
grace of God, goes George);

Or (B): As a show of good faith in the brutal drug laws he continues
to support, estimate how much cocaine he snorted in his youth, then
sentence himself to the appropriate number of years in prison- 10, 20,
30, life.

Chances are, though, that he will choose (C): Chase women, guzzle
beer, and snort coke until his dad becomes head of the CIA (1974),
then lie about it and wag his finger sanctimoniously at others for the
rest of his life.

The saddest part about it all? The media won't challenge the
fundamental hypocrisy of this situation for a second.

Kevin Nelson
Bow, WA
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