Source: Orange County Register (CA)
Copyright: 1999 The Orange County Register
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Pubdate: 24 Jan 1999


Former Libertarian candidate Steve Kubby and his wife, Michele, were
released on their own recognizance Thursday after being arrested for
marijuana cultivation and sales on Tuesday. Both use marijuana for medical
conditions, with a doctor's written recommendation, but the North Tahoe
Task Force claimed the plants they grew in the basement of their home were
for commercial rather than medical purposes.

The Kubbys and their attorneys are scheduled to receive the evidence that
led to a warrant being issued on Monday, then appear for arraignment
Thursday, Jan. 28. Their computers were seized (they make a living
publishing an online winter sports magazine) as well as all the cash they
had in the house and numerous books.

Deprived of medicine while in jail, Steve suffered several high blood
pressure episodes that affected his vision adversely, but he told us Friday
that he and Michele are healing and in good spirits.

"We were extremely careful to comply with Prop. 215 [which authorized
medical marijuana] scrupulously, he said. "It's time law enforcement
respected the rights the people of California gave to patients." 
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