Pubdate: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 
Source: The Fresno Bee (CA) 
Contact:  Jerry W. Hawkins
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With all the talk about the "will of the people" flying around the nation
and the media, it struck me as strange that The Bee chose to leave out that
very aspect of an important story.

The Jan. 21 story about the arrest of Steven Kubby and his wife on
marijuana charges left out a very important fact. Per their attorney's
statement, the Kubby's are using marijuana under a doctor's care. Since
Proposition 215 was passed by the majority of the voters of California,
this puts them within their rights and within the "will of the people."

Another fact left out in the story was that, despite the doctor's
prescription, they were charged with intent to sell. There was never a
single instance noted by the police of the Kubbys attempting to sell or
otherwise distribute marijuana.

They are being held on $100,000 bond each and their property will surely be
confiscated by law enforcement, as is the norm under current laws. However,
they were within their rights under a proposition approved by the voters.

I urge all citizens who are truly interested in the will of the people to
write their state representatives and demand that the Kubbys be released
and the charges dropped. They have committed no crime in this state and
should not be placed in prison for following a doctor's legal prescription.
I would also urge The Bee to print all of the facts concerning stories it
runs in the future.

Jerry W. Hawkins
Fresno, CA
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