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OLYMPIC VALLEY - Former California Libertarian gubernatorial candidate and
Olympic Valley resident Steven Kubby was arrested Tuesday and charged with
growing marijuana in his home. 

Kubby, age 52, and his wife, Michele, age 32, were charged with possession
of marijuana for sales, cultivation of marijuana and conspiracy, according
to a report from the North Tahoe Task Force. 

Following a six month investigation, members of the North Tahoe Task Force
obtained a warrant to search the Kubby's residence at 1102 Olympic Way in
Squaw Valley. 

"Investigators located four separate grow rooms in the residence, one in an
unused shower stall, one in a room built under the house, one in a
downstairs room and the last in the unfinished dirt area of the basement,"
the report said. 

Although the investigation of the Kubbys had been going on for six months,
Lt. Mike Allen of the Nevada Division of Investigation, said he couldn't
comment at press time about what triggered the investigation. 

"They are still in jail in Auburn right now," Allen said Wednesday. 

Also according to the report, approximately 300 marijuana plants, ranging
in size from small nursery plants to full grown plants with buds were
confiscated. Other evidence removed from the residence included growing
equipment and drug paraphernalia. 

The total street value of the confiscated drugs is estimated at $420,000. 

Kubby, a 23-year cancer survivor, is an avid proponent of medical marijuana
use. On his Web site, Kubby credits the use of medical marijuana to his

As well, during his campaign for governor, Kubby advocated the legal use of
marijuana for medical purposes. 

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