Pubdate: Thu, 21 Jan 1999
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SACRAMENTO, Calif., Jan. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Steve Kubby, the 1998
Libertarian candidate for governor of California, and his wife Michele were
released on their own recognizance from police custody today following
arraignment in Tahoe City Court.

The Kubbys were arrested Tuesday morning in a police raid of their home in
Olympic Valley.  They are charged with unauthorized cultivation, harvesting,
and processing of marijuana; possession with intent to sell; and conspiracy.

"We are relieved and grateful that Steve and Michele Kubby have been freed
from custody," announced Libertarian state chair Mark Hinkle. "They have
broken no laws and should never have been arrested in the first place."

Steve played a pivotal role in the November, 1996, passage of Prop. 215, the
medical marijuana initiative.  He takes medical marijuana under doctor's
orders to treat adrenal cancer, which he was diagnosed with in 1975, and
hypertension.  Michele also takes medical marijuana to alleviate the
symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

The Kubbys are due back in court on January 28th for a preliminary hearing
where they are expected to enter a not guilty plea.

The Libertarian Party of California, responding to the Kubbys' arrest and
incarceration, drafted a sternly-worded letter to state Attorney General
Bill Lockyer "on behalf of the 5,382,915 Californians who voted in favor of
Proposition 215," urging Lockyer to intervene in the case.

In the letter, the party called on Lockyer "to bring the full weight of your
office down in this matter and investigate the North Tahoe Task Force and
Placer County District Attorney's office to determine the cause of this
unnecessary police action."

"Mr. Lockyer swore to uphold the laws of the state of California when he was
inaugurated earlier this month.  We are simply asking him to do so in this
case," stated Hinkle.  "Prop. 215 was passed by the voters of this state
over two years ago.  It is a disgrace that law enforcement continues to
ignore the will of the voters and prosecute law-abiding citizens who are
using a form of medicine that is completely legal."

Response to the Kubbys' arrest has been overwhelming, according to Hinkle.
"The flood of emails, phone calls, and faxes has been unbelievably
supportive of the Kubbys.  Californians are outraged that the government can
so flagrantly ignore the law and jeopardize someone's health.

"What has happened to the Kubbys is a sobering reminder that liberty comes
at a price."

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