Pubdate: Sat, 9 Jan 1999
Source: Ft. Worth Star-Telegram (TX)
Copyright: 1999 Star-Telegram, Fort Worth, Texas
Author: Vicki W. Tilden


John Lunt's Dec. 4 letter took me by surprise. He stated: "Promoting the use
of any drug, under any guise, is dangerous to our kids." It is very obvious
that Lunt has never suffered pain worse than a simple headache. I suffer
from reflex sympathetic dystrophy, a progressive neuromuscular disease. The
main symptom is unrelenting pain, sometimes burning in nature. Other
symptoms include temperature changes, insomnia, poor circulation and
extensive swelling. Many of these symptoms are manageable. Pain, 24 hours a
day, every single day, cannot be managed without strong pain relievers.

No one with chronic pain sets out to use narcotics. They are our
next-to-last resort. The last resort is becoming a suicide statistic. I am
so proud to live in a state that allows its doctors to relieve pain without

Before deciding that all drugs are bad, take a close look around. You may be
quite surprised at who you know who "uses" drugs. Your son, wife or even you
may need these drugs next week.

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