Pubdate: Nov 22, 1998
Source: Los Angeles Times (CA)
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 Abbie's legend has a life of its own by now and is surely beyond
correction, but I can't help sending in a srnall correction to J. Hoberman's
otherwise fine review of "Steal This Dream" (Book Review, October 11) and
four other books about the '60 counterculture.

Contrary to the quotation from one observer, Abbie Hoffman did not ingest
ISD "like cornflakes" every morning. I would estimate he took LSD about four
tirnes a year for three years during the late '60s. Also, Abbie never took
acid or any other psychedelic during the Chicago conspiracy trial: It was
Paul Krassner who was on acid during his testimony in that trial. Abbie and
I were furious and didn't speak to Krassner for several years thereafter.

I think it's important to be accurate about this for the sake of young
people who may be influenced. I continue to believe that psychedelics are a
useful tool or sacrament for special occasions.

Anita Hoffman Petaluma, Calif.

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