Pubdate: Fri, 17 Dec 1999
Date: 12/17/1999
Source: Evening News (UK)
Author: Hugh Robertson


I read your article "Black arrests cause concern" and was again
reminded how frequently our human rights are abused in the name of the
"war on drugs".

The use of cannabis, Ecstasy, cocaine and other illegal drugs are so
widespread in modern society that the police cannot justify the
amazing bias they show by stopping blacks seven times as frequently as

Norfolk Chief Constable Ken Williams said: "All parts of our community
must have the confidence that their constabulary will deal with them
in a sensitive and fair manner."

Stopping, searching, arresting and prosecuting people for possession
of their choice of drug is neither sensitive nor fair.

If Mr Williams wants all of our community to have confidence in the
police, he could start by re-thinking his force's approach to drug

You reported in your 'In Court' section that a magistrate had fined
one person the grand sum of one pound for possession of cannabis.

Why is Mr Williams persecuting cannabis users when they cause no harm
to themselves or others?

How can he justify spending public money taking people to court for
possession of cannabis when the courts are recognising that this
'crime' is not worth taking seriously?

Hugh Roberston
The Legalise Cannabis Alliance
PO Box 198