Pubdate: Fri, 31 Dec 1999
Date: 12/31/1999
Source: Evening News (UK)
Author: Paul Livingstone

The story (Evening News, December 18) about drop-in centre manager
Ruth Wyner being imprisoned for allowing the centre to be used by drug
addicts, illustrates the irrational nature of the current drug laws.

Many homeless people have drug and addiction related

This case has created a precedent in that now if homeless drug users
attend a drop-in centre for homeless people and take any drug supply
with them, then the centre manager is obliged to have them arrested
and charged with possession.

They will then be sent to prison where it is widely known that all
kinds of drugs are freely available.

If the p[olice carried out a similar kind of operation in any number
of prisons in the United Kingdom, that is with hidden cameras and
undercover officers masquerading as the homeless, no doubt they could
supply evidence against the prison governor that he is turning a blind
eye to drug dealing going on in the prison.

Surely it is time to return to the policy of the 1960's, when drug
addiction was dealt with as a medical matter rather than a criminal

Paul Livingstone,
Peacock Street,