Pubdate: Mon, 25 Oct 1999
Date: 10/25/1999
Source: Christian Science Monitor (US)
Author: Stephen Young

Thank you for focusing on the plight of Renee Boje ("Canada and US in
Drug Debate," Oct. 19). Her story illustrates the US government's
obsession with destroying anyone barely connected with challenges to
marijuana policy.

Renee Boje hurt no one. She presents no threat to any individual. Yet,
she faces 10 years to life in prison along with extradition
proceedings. Who benefits from such vindictiveness? Certainly not the
US public, who will see hundreds of thousands of their tax dollars
wasted if Renee is extradited, tried, and incarcerated. In return, the
public gets nothing in the way of increased safety or security.

This latest display of the US government's manic compulsion to crush
anything that stands as a challenge to its cruel policies regarding
marijuana should be a wake up call to all Americans.

Renee Boje stood at the periphery of a situation that seemed to be
supported by the people of California. The federal government's
reaction shows its goal is not to protect the people, but to scare
them into submission.

Stephen Young,
Roselle, Ill.