Pubdate: Sun, 12 Sep 1999
Date: 09/12/1999
Source: Charlotte Observer (NC)
Author: Aaron Michel

In response to "Column overstates penalty for crack cocaine use"
(Sept. 5 Forum):

I would think that Ed Williams' Aug. 29 Viewpoint column ("Why is Bush
dodging questions about cocaine?") would be an inviting opportunity
for a senior official of the local U.S. attorney's office to share his
viewpoint on youthful indiscretions and the law. After all, Kenneth D.
Bell and his staff decide whom to target for grand jury investigations
and make this decision for hundreds of potential targets each year,
many of whom are guilty of youthful indiscretions.

Instead, Mr. Bell apparently detects an attack on the right

George W. Bush's youthful indiscretions have passed the statute of
limitations. No one is saying he should be prosecuted. However, in
this district alone there have been federal prosecutions for youthful
indiscretions. The primary difference between the defendants in these
cases and Mr. Bush is that he had the money and connections to be
treated with respect and dignity. It wasn't necessary to prosecute and
take Mr. Bush into custody for supervision by the federal government
in order for him to turn his life into something meaningful and

I would like to think that our local federal officials see this and
have the wisdom to not intervene unless it is absolutely necessary for
the protection of the community.