Pubdate: Mon, 13 Sep 1999
Date: 09/13/1999
Source: Wall Street Journal (NY)
Author: Arthur Sobey
Note: The original letter was by Randi (not "Robin" Givens). It had
prompted a response from Jim Heim, which has resulted in three more
anti-prohibition rebuttals.

Original Givens Letter:
Heims Letter:

*In criticizing the Letter by Robin Givens, Mr. Heim doesn't seem to
understand that a regulated drug market would sell drugs at reasonable
prices, thus negating the need for the majority of people to resort to
crime to pay for drugs. That is the biggest bonus to a
government-regulated drug market: exponentially lower crime. If
whiskey cost $1,400 a quart today, which was its Prohibition
equivalent price in 1925, people would resort to crime to use alcohol.

The excellent letter by Ms. Givens--who wrote, "It's time to repeal
our lunatic drug laws and install a regulated market for adult drug
use that will eliminate the crime and destruction created by a useless
prohibition scheme"--is as a fragile bloom wasted on a blizzard.

Arthur Sobey
Norfolk, Neb.