Pubdate: Mon, 13 Sep 1999
Date: 09/13/1999
Source: Wall Street Journal (NY)
Author: Hugh Robertson
Note: The original letter was by Randi (not "Robin" Givens). It had
prompted a response from Jim Heim, which has resulted in three more
anti-prohibition rebuttals.

Original Givens Letter:
Heims Letter:

Jim Heim's regurgitation of reefer madness myths and hysteria (Letters
to the Editor5, Sept. 2), despite the many recent reports (Institute
of Medicine, World Health Organization, etc) that have dispelled them,
makes me wonder which planet he has been on for the past few years.

The obvious answer to his question is, Yes, of course we should
"disregard the studies that have shown that one joint is equivalent to
a pack of cigarettes" when these studies have been thoroughly disproved.

The world is slowly waking up, not only to the relatively benign
nature of cannabis, but also to the fact that the war on drugs is an
incredibly expensive failure.

Hugh Robertson
Treasurer, Legalise Cannabis Alliance
Norfolk, U.K.