Pubdate: Tue, 31 Aug 1999
Date: 08/31/1999
Source: Examiner, The (Ireland)
Author: Lynn Harichy

MY heart goes out to casualties in this war on plants such as
marijuana. As a multiple sclerosis victim who uses this herb I know
how crazy this issue can make you. Compassion overcomes fear; we are
armed with the facts.

We know the history of this war on marijuana. All the pain that comes
to people for doing nothing wrong to anyone. Most are working, if not

Author Mike Gray tells the whole story in the book Drug Crazy. I have
been trying to encourage people to read this book because it helps
people to realise we can never win this war on Marijuana for a number
of reasons;

The British Government refuses to understand the difference between
plants from Mother Nature, and narcotics, which are man made.

People who use this herb can hardly afford it because our laws have
caused it to skyrocket. If you know it helps you, it is sometimes
worth growing a supply and saving yourself from supporting organised
crime. By doing this though, you risk the loss of your freedom, or
money your do not have anyway.

We keep soaking large amounts of money into this war, causing other
much needed services to suffer.

For instance, here in my city we have a helicopter, which has helped
destroy a number of backyard gardens of this herb. No one was harmed
in anyway because of these gardens, except the people who probably had
good reason to grow or were looking for a quick buck. This then takes
the heat off others who are doing break ins or stabbing people in bars
or back allies.

We also waste so much money on crimestoppers when it is used to turn
in pot smokers.

We have so many people worldwide who use this plant and no drugs or
alcohol. Pot is easy to smell, and one of the easiest `narcotics' to
detect. If pot were legal, our narcotics' officers would have to work
harder to find the real dealers.

The easiest and cheapest thing for us to do now is to legalise
marijuana and other natural plants.

Studies should be done to find any harm of these plants. This would
save taxpayers so much money, while forcing those in control to
justify their war with innocent people. All they need to do is find
one case of someone who died from using this herb.

Lynn Harichy, LCCC (London Cannabis Compassion Centre), 495, Teeple
Terrace, London England