Pubdate: Thu, 26 Aug 1999
Date: 08/26/1999
Source: Washington Post (DC)
Author: Jack Allan Jones
Note: Subjectline by MAP

There has been a lot of talk about George W. Bush's past "lifestyle"
and rumored cocaine use. Cocaine use alone is a felony. It has no
statute of limitations as a federal crime.

I believe the media should stop asking Gov. Bush if he used cocaine in
his past. It is now obvious to me that he has at some point in his
life. He just won't say when.

Instead, I propose the question for George W. Bush now should be: If
elected president, will you issue pardons to the tens of thousands of
men and women in prison as a result of cocaine use prior to their 28th
birthday if they make the statement that they have now grown up, as
you have done?

The follow-up: If not, why is your situation of achieving adulthood at
age 40 different from theirs?

Jack Allan Jones,
Wylie, S.C.