Pubdate: Fri, 21 May 1999
Date: 05/21/1999
Source: Anchorage Daily News (AK)
Author: Randy Knauff

Regarding Bill Turnbull's letter of May 15:

There is a way to get a letter added to the alphabet. The people of
Alaska said they did not want a less restrictive road sign bill, so
the Republican majority of our Legislature passed one anyway.

Alaskans said they wanted a tobacco tax, so the Republican majority
did everything it could to avoid passing one.

Alaskans said they wanted medical use of marijuana legal, so the
Republican majority is trying to curtail much of that right.

Alaskans said they did not want same-day killing of wolves by flying
hunters except under extreme emergency situations, so the Republican
majority is changing that to nonemergency situations.

Alaskans want to be able to challenge some of that Republican
majority's unconstitutional bills and get some of their legal fees
back when the courts agree the Republican bills were wrong, so the
Republican majority is trying to enact a law to keep the Alaska
citizen winners from getting fair money back they wouldn't have had to
spend if the bills weren't wrong.

You can see that all you have to do is pass an initiative or show that
Alaskans have thought about it and decided they want to subtract a
letter from the alphabet. Our wonderful Republican majority will again
take the position that Alaskans really don't know how to think
clearly, don't understand an issue, or need to be lead by the ethical,
astute Legislature and will pass a bill adding a letter to the alphabet.

P.S. Polls are cheaper than initiatives. Try that first.

Randy Knauff,