Pubdate: Tue, 11 May 1999
Date: 05/11/1999
Source: Daily Telegraph (Australia)
Author: Bronwyn Barnard

PIERS Akerman (Daily Telegraph, May 6) is right to encourage people to
uphold the law.

The law is supposed to protect people, including the young. And the
law is made by man with that intention.

Uowever man makes mistakes. The law concerning consumption of drugs is
a mistake because it causes availability of drugs to flourish,
corruption of our police and legal system, and destroys young lives.

We should discourage drug use, but not necessarily by making it an
illegal activity. Certainly we should continue to prosecute those who
make large profits from trafficking.

We must, however, protect and assist young people who become addicted.
The aim should be to help these addicts regain a healthier and
productive lifestyle.

To do this they need treatment, not incarceration. They also need to
be alive.

In some countries it is the law that women are stoned to death for
adultery - does that make the law right?

Kaleen, ACT