Pubdate: Mon, 31 May 1999
Date: 05/31/1999
Source: Calgary Herald (Canada)
Author: Lynn Harichy
Note: Subjectline by MAP editor

Re: Pot crusader starts club in Calgary, Calgary Herald, May 25.

I applaud Grant Krieger and the many others helping in his fight to
give us suffering from constant pain, nausea, spasms, and other
illness a bit of dignity.

It is difficult enough for us to fit into a world that doesn't
understand us.  Many of our pains and suffering are not noticeable to
the rest of society.  We are shut out because buildings are not
accessible to us either because of stairs or other barriers like doors
being to heavy to open.

Cannabis has been proven beneficial to those who suffer pain.  Our
government is now debating this in many ways.  It is being debated in
the UN, USA, Canada, Switzerland, and many other countries.  We are
increasingly learning each day.

Our citizens even agree that we should decriminalize and even legalize
at least for medical use. Our government knows it is the right thing
to do; many doctors know it is the right thing to do, pharmacies know
it is the right think to do.  I wonder what is stopping them?

Our children would be much better off knowing the truth about this
plant - knowing that drugs are bad but they are a necessity for
illness, and other medical conditions.

As for the compassion club, I know it will be much appreciated.
Krieger's membership will rise sharply once his club is  established
and word gets out.  My membership numbers for my "club" were 300 until
I closed because of shortage of supply and location problems.  Since I
closed, I have had 132 people wanting to become members.  I have had
their doctors also phone to see if they could get help for their
patients.  Just imagine what would happen if my number was published?
My number is passed by word of mouth.

Det. Pat Tetley is right they have to uphold the law, however under
the circumstances I would hope they would lay low and not interfere
with this necessary service.  Instead I would hope they would help us
change the law, since it is going to take people like Krieger to be
disobey  the law to help those suffering.

Lynn Harichy
London, Ontario