Pubdate: Fri, 12 Mar 1999
Date: 03/12/1999
Source: Blade, The (OH)
Author: Jim White

I was glad to see that Sen. Mike DeWine wants to keep doing what has
always been done. If we continue to increase funding for military
efforts in drug-producing countries we will either end up in complete
military control of those countries, or we will have spread enough
poison so that nothing will grow.

In the meantime let's do continue on a path that has so far shown no
substantial gain.

Drug treatment for prisoners is also a good idea. Those serving a
mandatory minimum for drug offenses certainly pose a threat to
society. Why bother with treatment before a serious crime has been
committed? Why bother with education before a serious crime is
committed? This can all be accomplished while a prison term is being

``Stupid is as stupid does.'' What a wonderful way to describe
America's drug war.

Jim White