Pubdate: Tue, 02 Mar 1999
Date: 03/02/1999
Source: Hawaii Tribune-Herald (HI)
Author: Jerry Thomas

Dear Editor,

"Stand up and be counted," urges Mr. James D. Wilson in his
"Publisher's Corner" column (1 March 1999, page 6).  Mr. Wilson wants
our island to have a new prison.  "Cities on the mainland compete for
such facilities (prisons) for their communities because of the
tremendous economic impact and is [sic] considered a very clean
industry compared to other types," writes your publisher.

Were it not for the criminalization of marijuana, America would have
no need for that "clean industry." Have you given any thought to the
raw material that feeds that clean industry, Mr. Wilson?

Marijuana is the linchpin of the War On Drugs.  When we as a nation
learn the facts and behave rationally, marijuana will inevitably be
legalized, the War On Drugs will end, and the need for new prisons
will disappear.

It's interesting to note that on page 5 of that same issue of your
newspaper, "Dear Abby" recommends the book "Marijuana Myth / Marijuana
Facts." Other books are readily available, including "Marijuana: Not Guilty
As Charged," "Drug Crazy," "The Emperor Wears No Clothes," to name a few.

On the Internet an excellent, up-to-date, comprehensive Drug Library
is available at Another
Internet source of enlightenment is the New York Times Forum on Drug

Fifteen minutes invested in reading the history of Marijuana
Prohibition could change Mr. Wilson's attitude.

On May First this year rallies will be held in many of the world's
most important cities -- rallies to promote the end of the War On
Drugs.  One of those cities is Hilo, Hawaii.  Here's another
opportunity to "stand up and be counted."

Educate yourself, Mr. Wilson.  As Publisher of an important daily
newspaper you have responsibility.  The result might be your
enthusiastic support for yet another clean industry -- an expanded
university -- instead of a larger prison.


Jerry Thomas,