Pubdate: Mon, 29 Mar 1999
Date: 03/29/1999
Source: Reporter (Canada)
Author: Debra Harper

Re: Pot Problems (March 15).

I wonder what Mayor Bruce Milne thinks of Staff Sgt. Linton Robinson
who considers people who grow cannabis for medical use as "a blight."

Or Deputy Mayor Anne Kershaw who said she "thinks that it may attract
a segment of the tourism population we weren't aiming at."

Why is helping the sick and dying supposed to be viewed as a negative

I hope Mayor Bruce Milne is outraged by the narrow-mindedness of those
around him ad he recognizes the hypocrisy that is so blatantly obvious.

Would a vineyard dedicated to growing grapes for wine, that for all
intents and purposes, has no value other than to be used as a
"recreational" drug, be regarded this way?

Wake-up people!

With more than 83 per cent of Canadians supporting the use of medical
cannabis it is time to get with the program!

Debra Harper