Pubdate: Wed, 24 Mar 1999
Date: 03/24/1999
Source: Cityview (IA)
Author: Carl Olsen

Richard Nordin's letter (March 10) about the dangers of secondhand
marijuana smoke is a classic example of "reefer madness." While
claiming that people who abuse alcohol harm only themselves, Nordin
makes the claim that marijuana smokers involuntarily expose others by
forcing them to breathe smoke.

Unfortunately, Nordin's confusion is not unique. The Legislature
doesn't hesitate to jack up the penalties for marijuana, but they
don't want to lower the blood-alcohol level for drunken driving.
Driving a car after drinking alcohol is just fine with them.

Personally, I'd prefer to get hit by second hand smoke than by a
drunken driver.  Nordin should check with Broadlawns Hospital to see
how many cases of involuntary inhalation they've had in their
emergency room lately.

Carl E. Olsen
Des Moines