Pubdate: Fri, 26 Feb 1999
Date: 02/26/1999
Source: USA Today (US)
Author: Peter McWilliams

Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey's favorite phrase is "at the end of the
day." Rumor has it that the end of McCaffrey's day as a drug czar is
at hand.

McCaffrey knows the drug war can't be "won" and that after he has
earned enough purple hearts, it is time for a new assignment ("DEA
chief: Drug fight lacks desire," News, Feb, 19).

I, too, am at the end of my day. I am an AIDS patient who for two
years successfully used medical marijuana to keep down the
life-saving, but nausea-producing "combination cocktail" therapy.

I was arrested last July on federal medical marijuana charges.
Deprived of the only anti-nausea medication that seems to work for me,
my AIDS is out of control. Meanwhile, I am facing probable death.

McCaffrey's holy war against medical marijuana set the federal tenor.
I hope that at the end of his day he reflects on the unnecessary
misery his continued opposition to medical marijuana has caused.

Peter McWilliams,
Los Angeles, Calif.