Pubdate: Fri, 08 Jan 1999
Date: 01/08/1999
Source: Harper's Magazine (US)
Author: Joel Rice

Joshua Shenk seems to advocate the practice of medicating angst with
pharmaceuticals and recreational drugs, neither of which work for this
all too human condition. The latter, in fact, can be quite harmful.

As a small-town psychiatrist, I see folks every day whose marriage,
job, education, or ability to parent is threatened if not destroyed by
alcohol, methamphetamine, marijuana, and the like. I have seen death,
suicide, homicide, rape, sexual and physical abuse of children, and
lives wasted as a result of these "recreational" drugs. I have never
seen one instance of Prozac causing this kind of devastation.

Regardless of the treatment they choose, most patients need only to
talk, to clarify their understanding of themselves and their problems.
Anything else may be helpful but shouldn't be confused with a cure.

Joel Rice
La Grande, Oreg