Pubdate: Wed, 29 Sep 1999
Source: Sackville Tribune-Post (CN NK)
Copyright: 1999 The Sackville Tribune-Post Ltd.
Author: Katie Tower


No drugs were found on school property during a "controlled search" of 
Tantramar Regional High School on Friday afternoon.

"No quantity of drugs were seized and no arrests were made," said Sackville 
Town Police Chief Stewart McFee.

McFee said the search was simply an awareness procedure.

"We wanted to send a very strong message that drugs will not be tolerated. 
There is no place for drugs within the school," he explained.

The procedure was a joint effort with the Sackville and Port Elgin RCMP, 
and in conjunction with TRHS administration.

"We, in conjunction with the school, decided to ensure there were no drugs 
on the school property," the police chief stressed.

McFee said the police wanted to make their presence known and to let the 
students know early in the year that drugs are not going to be tolerated.

"We want no drugs in the school," he continued.

McFee said this was a random search and others will be done periodically 
throughout the year.

"This was the first, but we will be back."

As well as random searches, McFee said the local police and RCMP will also 
be providing several drug awareness and educational programs at the school 
throughout the 1999-2000 school year.

McFee said the police force's dog Thunder was used to do a sweep of the 
school property.

"We searched lockers and the surrounding areas of the school," he said.

The dog, however, did not enter any classrooms or search any students for 
drugs, insisted McFee.

TRHS principal Don McCormack said he is pleased with the relationship 
between the school's administration and the local police and RCMP.

"I am delighted to have their presence here at the school," he said in a 
separate interview.

As well as providing random drug searches, the local police are also 
on-hand during lunch hours at the school, as well as sporting events and 
dances, said McCormack.

The students were made aware of the "no drug and alcohol policy" during an 
assembly at the beginning of September. However, McCormack hopes that the 
drug exercise on Friday reinforced the school's position.

"We hope it's a message that's a little bit clearer," the principal stressed.

By in large, McCormack said the student population is made up of 
"responsible citizens."

He feels secure in knowing no drugs were found on the school property and 
hopes it continues.

"If we can steer the students in the right direction, then we're pleased to 
do that," he concluded.