Pubdate: Monday, 9 Aug 1999
Source: Isthmus (WI) 

The second part of the outstanding article "The War on Pot" was posted
yesterday with an incorrect source. The correct source is as above. The
corrected article is at:

Frank sent us a note about his source error in sending the item to us  We appreciate that errors are made, and being informed
when you as newshawks or readers see them. We want to insure our archives
are as correct as possible for the many who use it both to write Letters to
the Editor and for research for articles and books.

Frank, thanks for all your newshawking, now over 1,840 articles!

Frank was our very first DrugSense Volunteer of the Month. You can read
about his efforts and that of other folks recognized as Volunteer of the
Month at:

Oh, most weekends you can chat with Frank and a number of other fine folks
in the DrugSense Chat Room at:

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