Pubdate: Friday, June 25, 1999
Source: Calgary Herald (Canada)
Author: Brock Ketchum - Calgary Herald


Pot crusader Grant Krieger is in a huff after Calgary police nabbed
him with a half-used marijuana cigarette.

Krieger, who was arrested for breach of probation,  wants police to
charge him with possession of the illegal drug.

Police released Krieger on his own recognizance late Wednesday after
arresting him in the morning.

A police officer stopped him in the 5100 block of Bowness Road N.W.
and found he was wanted on a warrant for failing to report to a
probation officer in connection with a trafficking conviction.

He is to appear in provincial court July 6 on the charge.

But Krieger, who has multiple sclerosis and uses pot to manage the
illness, said he handed the police officer the joint and he later
raised the issue with a drug investigator.

`I wanted to go to jail,' he said Thursday.

`I told them, If I walk the line, I've got to do the time.'

Police spokesman Staff Sgt. Harvey Cenaiko said no decision on charges
will be made until after police and prosecutors are given the findings
of a lab analysis of the alleged pot. `It's probably half the size of
a cigarette filter.

`We're not saying he will be charged.'

Krieger, 44, is the founder of the recently launched Universal
Compassion Club. The club, which has more than 30 members, is trying
to line up medicinal-quality pot for seriously ill and disabled people
who are seeking relief from their debilitating ailments.

The probation was a condition of an 18-month suspended sentence a
Regina judge gave Krieger.

Krieger said police held him for four hours before letting him go.  He
said he drew blank stares when he invited them to charge him with
possession. `I want to make sure I get charged,' he said. `I don't
mind going to court.

`I want my pot back.'

Krieger has said he questions the legitimacy of Canada's marijuana
law. Earlier this month, Health Minister Allan Rock announced his
department will invite clinical trial bids from companies interested
in supplying Canadian pot for medicinal use.
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