Pubdate: Thu, 24 Jun 1999
Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer (WA)
Copyright: 1999 Seattle Post-Intelligencer.


Former Vice President Dan Quayle is expanding his attack on TV
character Murphy Brown to include an entire decade -- the 1960s -- and
its "free drugs, free love, free lunch and freedom from

Although the 52-year-old Quayle is part of that generation, he casts
himself as the "standard bearer" for those of all ages who embrace the
values of the World War II generation.

"I'm a product of the '60s," Quayle said in a telephone interview
yesterday. "The civil rights movement was great. But there was a lot
of tragedy, the assassinations, the race riots; the Vietnam issue was
a no-win situation.

"Many people in very powerful positions have a great deal of nostalgia
for that," he said. "When I was living it, I enjoyed it, but I'm not
so sure that it was good for us."

Quayle said he "missed the drug culture in college. It was just coming
in when I was leaving college." After Quayle graduated from DePauw
University in Indiana, he went into the National Guard and law school,
got married and started a family.

In a new book, the Republican presidential candidate attacks the
liberal values of the 1960s and an "opinion elite" in the media,
universities and entertainment business who grew up during the decade
and now are in positions of influence.

"We continue to pay a price for the excesses of the crowd that
preached free drugs, free love, free lunch and freedom from
responsibility," Quayle writes in the book, "Worth Fighting For."

He uses the book to outline his plans for a 30 percent,
across-the-board tax cut, his anti-abortion stance, support for term
limits and protection of the elderly from any benefit cuts.
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