Pubdate: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 
Source: The Canberra Chronicle 
Page: 4 
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Author: Craig Dadds


VICTOR Heath (Letters, October) highlights the fundamental problem with the
fight against drug use - it being illegal.

Syringes in our parks, prostitution, property crime and the profit from the
drug trade are all due to the underground nature of their use. The drug
trade should be considered like any other business - supply relies upon
demand and therefore the suppliers need to create demand to make their
product viable.

If the profit was taken out of the drug trade by removing its total
prohibition and supply being controlled and administered through the
government, the profit would be eliminated and therefore the incentive to
create supply.

If the drugs were sold at no profit through chemists which were paid
according to a decrease in demand then this would provide a viable

Our crime rates would diminish and more research could be conducted into
the effects and possible cures for addicts.

Mr Heath also asks why athletes caught using drugs get punished but not
junkies. Athletes are trying to gain an unfair advantage for profit,
junkies are not.

Craig Dadds, Chifley 
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Checked-by: Richard Lake