Pubdate: 01 Nov, 1998
Source: Orange County Register (CA)
Copyright: 1998 The Orange County Register
Author: Brad Beadle


Lisa Bretches of Corona writes that we can't ignore the beneficial
effects of Ritalin[Talk Show,Oct.23].Let us look at the choice of
words she uses:"effects"is the perfect word to describe the chemical
reaction the body displays when treated to this "beneficial"drug)The
drug marketers love people who will put anything down the throat of
their children that is prescribed.

The damaging side effects of this drug make it the worst choice in
treating the oft-diagnosed ADD. The truth is that the chemical-laced
diet of today's food, coupled with the sugar-enriched breakfast foods
bring on the hyperactivity and mood swings of the supposed
ADD-afflicted. This and the ever increasing role of the TV as
entertainment is actually overloading the brain of children with
images that often change multiple times per second.

The brainwave activity of those young children who watch excessive
amounts of TV develop dysfunctions that interfere with the normal
brain-wave function that allows learning. Ritalin should be used as a
last resort because it is a chemical that has side effects, like
stunting growth, for one. Kill your TV, eat healthy foods, reduce the
sugar intake, and, oh, stop giving extra money to school districts for
special education children and you'll see the problem of ADD disappear.

Brad Beadle
Santa Ana

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Checked-by: Rich O'Grady