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Pubdate: Sat, 24 Oct 1998


Pot May Be Better Than Pills

I believe in the legalization of marijuana for medical use. Patients are
already given THC pills to help counter the side effects of chemotherapy.
The pills can cause the patient to get sick and throw up. If THC helps
chemo patients feel better, how many more people could it help? 

- - Eric Quast 

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Please Vote For Healing 

I urge voters to support the medical marijuana initiative. Scientific
research and experience clearly reveal medical marijuana to be the
treatment of choice for many patients suffering from glaucoma, epileptic
seizures and the adverse effects of chemotherapy. 

Let compassion be our guide. Medical marijuana is good medicine. Please
vote for healing on Election Day. Thank you. 

- - David Grimes

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Vote Yes For Wonder Medicine 

People who suffer pain that is untreatable by conventional methods get no
publicity or recognition, and the pain stays with them. 

Treat this pain and suffering with marijuana, and the application destroys
the pain with no addictive consequences. 

Heal the pain and do so by voting yes for the wonder medicine. Vote yes on
Ballot Measure No. 8. 

- - John M. (Jack) Anderson, past president
Anchorage Chamber of Commerce 
Founder and first president
Alaska State Chamber of Commerce 

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Anything To Ease Cancer Pain 

I, like many Alaskans, have watched too many people suffer from cancer.
There are no words to describe the suffering they go through. Anything to
ease that pain is worth any struggle. I support Ballot Measure No. 8 to
legalize marijuana for medicinal use. 

- - Victoria Anderson

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How Would You Feel? 

How would you feel if you had a painful, terminal or debilitating disease
for which there was medication but you were not allowed to have any? Angry?
Upset? Confused? Physicians should be allowed to prescribe medical
marijuana for specific conditions for which it is effective, just as they
prescribe other controlled medications. Vote yes on Ballot Measure No. 8 on
Nov. 3. 

- - George E. McLaughlin

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Checked-by: Richard Lake