Pubdate: Wed, 28 Oct 1998
Source: Scotsman (UK)
Copyright: The Scotsman Publications Ltd 
Author: Keith S Bovey


Sir, - The tragedy of the spread of heroin abuse in Fife and other
country districts is highlighted in your report of the drugs
conference at Dunblane (24 October).

There is, however, no suggested diagnosis of the reason for it. One
reason is that the law which proscribes both, virtually on an equal
footing all but for the difference between Class A and Class B drugs,
is prosecuted with such vigour that instead of leaving cannabis
smokers in peace to indulge their harmless hobby, we are creating
conditions in which some of them turn to destructive habits.

When several hundred cannabis dealers and handlers are collectively
serving thousands of years' imprisonment in British jails, their
absence has made room for more sinister operators.

Neither the minister nor the drugs Czar will entertain relaxation of
the prohibition on cannabis, so they will have to live with the

Keith S Bovey
Morningside Road

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Checked-by: Rich O'Grady